I am a Chartered architect and the founder of ABDW Architects.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work on a number of complex and high-profile projects around the globe while working for industry leading practices - HOK International, SOM, Larry Oltmanns and AFK.

I worked at different stages of development, so I had the opportunity to learn and sharpen my skills on both sides of the architectural design practice, the conceptual design side as well as the technical delivery of it.

The learning experience has been amazing.

Over time I have learned the critical importance of the power of ideas to shape projects to success and what it takes to lift them off the ground and bring them to construction and to life.

Building upon these experiences, in 2015 I started ABDW. As a boutique firm, we work closely and collaboratively with our clients to foster innovation and excellence, learning from global experience and best practices to deliver outstanding results.