mall redevelopment


ABDW Architects was approached by a retail consultant client to provide advisory for the redevelopment of a large, abandoned commercial building in Cairo, Egypt and its repositioning into a modern shopping centre.

Our team provided design consultancy for the appraisal of the existing conditions and architectural concept design services.

Although this project was completed in the recent past and intended for commercial use, it was substantially lacking the fundamentals for a modern retail experience.

The main challenge was how to repurpose this large commercial building into a vibrant and successful retail destination within the context of Cairo and its burgeoning development of new satellite cities.

Our approach in developing this project consisted of thorough appraisal of the existing buildings and most of all an in depth concept work on the destination concept.

This included a new retail concept, uses and tenants mix, and a creative buildings redesign.

The Client highly valued the insights provided, which have been then used as foundation for further investment decisions.