Love Bowl restaurant


A successful Milan-based partnership of hospitality entrepreneurs approached ABDW Architects with the intention of diversifying and expanding their business holdings by exploring new market sectors within the F&B realm.

Our team was appointed to provide insights, strategy and concept design services to create a new innovative restaurant concept.

The brief provided was very essential and simple, as the Clients wanted to open a new Asian-inspired fast-casual restaurant in Milan in order to expand operations.

No property or briefing was initially provided, but only a target seating count alongside some indication for food preparation requirements.

Our team approached the project by working closely alongside the Clients to explore the business concept ideas and expand them while testing assumptions. A thorough research was carried out as well as extensive evaluation of design and business concept reviews.

This was very helpful in guiding the client to properly analyse risks and opportunities related to the project. This ultimately resulted in substantial changes to the initial business concept.

The Clients highly valued the insights given on Retail and F&B consumer trends. Our work resulted in the recruitment of investors, and the professional knowledge provided offered solid guidance for the partners’ existing business operations.