We use the most modern tools to help us deliver projects to our clients, for this we have extensive experience in using BIM (Building Information Modelling) for large and complex projects globally.

We have been early adopters of BIM and have a solid experience and track record delivering projects of all sizes using this technology for over a decade.

Our capabilities encompass architectural and interior design projects for buildings in the UK and abroad. We have a strong working knowledge and capabilities with work flows, multi- disciplinary design teams coordination, federated models and implementation. We have implemented a number of design team settings, including integrating mixed platforms, both BIM and CAD with 2D and 3D information.

Our capabilities include all phases of project development, from the initial stages of concept design till construction stage.

We support our Clients, consultants and contractors in working more efficiently in delivering building projects. Our approach is holistic and we strongly believe in integrating and streamlining the complexities of the project requirements, data flows, interactions and outputs that are required to deliver successful buildings.

Our capabilities are focused on Design Process Innovation, as we use BIM to generate Positive Change in the way buildings are designed, procured, built and operated.

Our project experience includes major projects currently under construction in UK, Canada and Australia.


Summary of our BIM experience and capabilities:

  • Best practice experience: 6 major projects fully developed with integrated BIM built or currently under construction in UK, Canada and Australia

  • In depth experience as Lead Consultant role: strategy, multi-disciplinary team set-up and coordination, management

  • Experience on different project types, from master planning to architectural and interior

  • Advanced 3D modelling for complex geometries

  • Data management and output

  • Disciplines coordination