Each project is unique as you are. This is why don't have a one-fits-all approach but we design tailor-made solutions.

We follow the RIBA Plan of Work as a guide, then we tailor each project accordingly to clients' specific needs, project characteristics and budgets. For an overview, here below a summary for your info:

  1. First contact and initial briefing: we will listen to your ideas and suggestions on the outcome you would like to achieve. We will then arrange a meeting in person to discuss the next steps.

  2. Brief preparation and feasibility: we will discuss your project brief, your budget and start to evaluate the feasibility of the development.

  3. Design stage: we will develop the design from initial sketches to full developed design. This stage includes also preparing the planning application.

  4. Technical design: once planning permission is gained, we will prepare the complete technical documentation for pricing and construction.

  5. Construction: we will administer the construction contract on your behalf or act as your advisor by monitoring progress and quality of the works.

  6. Handover: once construction is completed, we will make the final checks before you move in.