panzerotto blues restaurant


Following the success of his proof-of-concept retail space, an F&B entrepreneur wanted to prepare the emerging business for growth and scaling up by opening a number of additional points of sale.

ABDW Architects was appointed to provide architectural services from concept to completion, while working on the rebranding of the business.

Without an existing store in operation and with a complete re-branding of the business to be done, the only starting point for our team was the heritage of the food served (traditional Apulian street food) and the personal business journey of the business owner, who is the first and only Panzerotto maker in London.

The new restaurant concept was carried out by interacting closely with the client through a number of workshops to study and define the business. This aspect played a very important role in the design process and provided the foundations for the following design iterations. Also, it allowed the Client to explore ideas and review his business holistically to prepare it for future developments.

The design approach that resulted was defined as ‘Contemporary Apulia in London’. It considers the heritage and origin of this street food, while balancing these aspects with the contemporary London identity and with the owner’s style and approach to business.

This resulted in the definition of a brand colour and a selection of natural materials referencing traditional Apulian bakeries and architecture. The material palette plays with the juxtaposition between the geometry of white hexagonal tiles and the contrasting yellow grouting, all combined with traditional woodwork and detailing.

The first point of sale is opening soon, with the plan of adding additional stores in 2019. The client deeply valued the knowledge of the Retail and F&B industry, given insights and guidance provided throughout the process.