Alessandro Bigolin Design Workshop is an architectural practice providing full service architectural design, interior design and consulting services for projects globally.

Our specialty lies in combining conceptual thinking with solid design skills and innovation.

As architects and designers we provide full scope design services for architectural and interior projects from inception to construction. Our services are focused on design quality, user experience, place making and destination design.



We pursue possibilities and ideas through creative thinking, research and innovation.


Design approach

Our approach to design is underpinned by three key fundamentals: user experience, value creation and sustainability.

Our design interest is to provide people and communities with quality environments that inspire and thrive. The approach is focused on creating buildings that are commercially successful while being innovative, sustainable and lasting. 


Design Capabilities

The team has experience on commercial, mixed-use and residential projects worldwide. Our project experience allow us to formulate well informed design decision by way of cross-pollinating experiences gained from different project types.
The team can assist throughout the design development and construction process, for both architectural and interior projects.



We have been and continue to be early adopters of new technologies and software to help us implement our designs. In particular we have extensive experience with BIM – Building Information Modelling, parametric and computing design. We constantly adopt new technologies and software to develop our own in-house systems and processes.

Our capabilities allow us to deliver high-quality information and data in real-time, allowing the Client and the whole Design Team to make well informed decision throughout the project. Through our proprietary systems, work-flows and processes we deliver unrivaled services to our Clients.

We have experience and a keen interest in construction and manufacturing, in particular in prefabrication, lean construction and off-site construction, acquired through previous project experiences as well as continuous R&D.

We have extensive experience in using BIM (Building Information Modelling) for large and complex projects globally. Learn more.